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Freeman Tax Law FATCA and OVDP Webinar

Welcome to Freeman Tax Law!

Freeman Tax Law

Freeman Tax Law is experienced at effectively analyzing complex international wealth management and tax problems, applying an in-depth understanding of the law and achieving positive outcomes for our clients through careful planning, negotiation or litigation. Whether you owe the IRS money for unpaid business or income taxes, are being audited by the IRS or another tax agency, are under investigation or facing criminal charges for tax evasion or other tax offenses, or have offshore financial accounts and are concerned about tax compliance, our team will help you.

Freeman Tax Law applies a team-based and project-oriented approach to every case. Developed over the past several years, out of necessity, this system ensures that our practice has the proper procedures in place to make sure that each matter is handled efficiently and correctly.

Practice Centers

    U.S. taxpayers holding financial assets outside the United States must report those assets to the IRS.
  • OVDP
    Giving you the opportunity to disclose the existence of these undisclosed offshore bank accounts and assets.
  • Swiss Bank Letter
    Swiss bank account holders may receive letters requesting information to determine whether they have disclosed their foreign accounts.
  • FBAR Disclosures
    Under existing U.S. law, it is legal for U.S. citizens to have ownership interest in offshore “holdings”.
  • Expatriate Compliance
    If you are a U.S. person, you still have tax filing obligations even if you live outside of the United States.

Our Team

Jeff Freeman

Jeffrey S. Freeman, Esq. has personally represented and counseled hundreds of clients with their tax problems.

Successful with his negotiation and problem resolution, Mr. Freeman has effectively counseled clients involved with virtually any tax matter and with the IRS.

With strong experience in international tax matters, Mr. Freeman advises clients with both international and offshore bank accounts on compliance matters.

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Resolving Complex Tax or Wealth Management Matters for Individuals, Financial Institutions and Businesses

Dealing with tax issues and the IRS can be extremely overwhelming and intimidating. The complex nature of both domestic and international tax law creates confusion for even the most sophisticated client. Freeman Tax Law has extensive knowledge and decades of experience to help represent and defend people, businesses, and institutions before the U.S. Government.

Whether your case calls for expertise in international tax compliance, tax law, accounting, offshore bank accounts, international banking laws, criminal tax defense or other legal practice areas, our team of lawyers and specialized professionals are armed with the necessary tools to vigorously represent our clients. Freeman Tax Law will thoroughly evaluate your case, and strategize a prudent defense strategy to resolve your matter.

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